Pre-implementation - An on-site study, involving members of Commercial Data's consulting and programmer/analyst staff, will be conducted. Information will be gathered to define specific requirements for implementing software.
On-Site Training - An implementation team consisting of a Human Resources consultant, trainer, and a programmer/analyst will be on-site at your facility to train, customize, and assist in the conversion. Training consists of an overview of the system's features and functions, individualized training of users in the proper operation of the system, and follow-up.
Off-Site Training - All training activities relative to the Windows based products are undertaken at Commercial data Corporations training facilities in Memphis, TN.
Follow-up visit - An on-site follow-up visit will be conducted by a software/hardware specialist who will return to your facility to evaluate implementation and to provide further assistance, if needed.
Cost - Travel, lodging and a daily per diem will be billed to the facility as incurred.

TRAINING - Hardware
Training - Availability of training for hardware operation is dependent on the type and manufacture of equipment utilized. Commercial Data Corporation will provide such training on a fee-for-service basis.
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