Trust Accounting System
The Profitline® Resident Accounting System module offers specialized applications for key areas of residential facility information management. The System incorporates a complete set of integrated accounting and resident information components which, working together, give the facility complete administrative and financial management control. The System is applicable to any type of residential facility that requires tracking of funds by resident.

Online Payroll & Employee Portal

  • Web based payroll:  Online payroll management made easy with direct deposit, filed and paid taxes and 24/7 online access.
    • A comprehensive report writer fully supported by CDCpayrolls
    • Ability to go paperless with Direct Deposit.
    • Ability to print back checks and reports at your location.
  • CPA access:  Whether you are an accountant, bookkeeper, or other type of business consultant, you can use CDCpayrolls to conveniently access your clients’ payroll reports from one central location.

MLM Web-Based Solution
The CDC MLM Software is web-based and is designed to meet the needs of both established MLM companies and new startups. This security-enhanced solution is designed with the distributor in mind. A few of the features are:
Commission Software Implementation
Distributor/Customer Enrollment and Maintenance
Distributor/Customer Information Requests
Distributor Genealogies
Order Entry
Order Inquiry
Commission Processing Cycles
Check Insertion/Mailing and Direct Deposit Payout
Credit Card Settlements
Autoships Automatically Processed & Charged
Profitline Solutions® is a comprehensive set of accounting solutions designed to work in the client/server environment. These accounting solutions run on Unix, Linux and Windows platforms.
Shopping Cart Solution
The CDC Shopping Cart Solution is designed to meet the needs of retail and wholesale internet businesses. A shopping cart, Order Processing, user accounts, and credit card settlements are some of the features of this solution. Account maintenance, reporting and customer lists are also included.
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