Commercial Data Corporation has incorporated both Liant and Microsoft products into our business processes. By doing so we have created powerful enterprise solutions for government, healthcare, commercial, consumer and other sectors.

We have chosen to partner with the following corporations for their enterprise expertise, experience, and extensive knowledge of software development technology.


Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
Registered Partner.

Liant Corporation
Development Partner.
Hewlett Packard Corporation
Alliance Partner.

Commercial Data Corporation has joined forces with some of the most prominent technology organizations in the world. Our partners are highly important to our growth and accomplishments as we develop online e-Business solutions and client-server accounting software that help our customers achieve their organizational goals.

CDC is committed to the continued growth our Microsoft .NET development team and in delivering the best that .NET has to offer to our clients.

Microsoft programming and database technologies are the core of the web and software technology of the most current CDC applications and solutions.

CDC is focused on intelligent design and innovation around Microsoft technologies. We are dedicated to providing our clients with with a development team that can rapidly build, test and implement quality solutions to meet their business needs.

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