With corporate headquarters located in Memphis, Tennessee and a branch office in New York, Commercial Data Corporation has been meeting the technology and business outsourcing needs of organizations for 45 years. Outsourcing provides a means to reduce your costs and improve cost predictability. Outsourcing minimizes the risks associated with retooling staff members and obtaining personnel. Outsourcing enables your organization to focus on your core business thereby speeding up its growth.
CDCPayrolls Online Payroll & Employee Portal
Payroll preparation and tax accounting for small employers as well as large businesses.
CDC Third Party Administration
Offering PAY-E services, an HRA total solution that offers brokers a generous commission system as well as providing the highest level of service and support to our clients at prices far below other Third Party Administrators.
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MLM Software and Shopping Cart
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Trust Accounting System
Resident Funds Tracking
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Backoffice and Fulfillment
Whether you use your own call center or one of our partners to take your orders online via our e-Business solution, or forward us your Internet orders, we will process your orders in a timely and efficient manner. Maximize your profits by allowing us to warehouse, pick, pack, and ship your product giving you more time to focus on your core business at a considerable savings without the investment in warehousing.
MLM Software
Try our MLM Web Hosting and accelerate your company's growth. We do it all for you. Use our e-Business System to send us your orders. We will calculate your commissions for you and Direct Deposit them to your distributors or print and mail your checks. We provide all of the upgrades to our e-Business Solution as they are released for free.
Trust Accounting System
The Profitline® Resident Accounting System module offers specialized applications for key areas of residential facility information management. The System incorporates a complete set of integrated accounting and resident information components which, working together, give your facility complete administrative and financial management control.
Profitline Accounting System
The Profitline® Accounting System contains employee management, general accounting and materials management modules. The Profitline® Accounting System operates on several platforms including Unix, Linux, and Windows servers.
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